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Creekside Barn

Our venue is a Vintage Tobacco Barn nestled in the Kentucky foothills of the Cumberland Plateau, Creekside Barn connects you to the values that make America great: commitment, family, and natural beauty.

It’s a great place for boots, dancing, romancing, upscale affairs, and celebrations! Boasting an open and accessible feel, there is plenty of parking, as well as handicap accessible spaces. Your event can be enriched with the fresh country air at this idyllic escape from the average urban setting. Whether you want to wear boots with your wedding dress or have always dreamed of throwing the most elegant and charming celebration, Creekside Barn offers atmosphere, amenities, and much more.

Plan Your Next Event at the Charming Creekside Barn

Creekside Barn is conveniently located just minutes away from the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway. It is in driving distance from Louisville (2 hours), Lexington (2 hours), Knoxville (2.5 hours), and Nashville (2 hours). A Super Wal-Mart is just 10 minutes from the venue for last minute items, errands, or for pickup of items you’ve ordered ahead of time. Adair County also recently voted wet, so the folks who like to have a nip or two can also stock up (or re-supply).

Built 65 years ago, the renovated Wedding Barn boasts elegant country charm and a historically rich beauty. The staff put a lot of thought into the layout of the venue. The entire barn floor and deck is easily accessible for everyone, and there is ample parking with a nice bridge that makes access for the senior members of the family a snap. Whether you are looking to host plenty of dancing, need space for a live band, or simply want to have an event that is complimented by fresh country air in a beautiful setting, Creekside Barn is the ideal venue.


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