Aug 17, 2017


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Now that you’re engaged and congratulations are flooding in, you will need to start making some decisions regarding your wedding. As exciting as this is, you might also feel overwhelmed thinking of all the details involved, but don’t worry! With some helpful tips, you can dive into this momentous occasion with a clear vision that will ultimately fulfill your dreams.

Setting a Timetable
Usually one of the first questions you will be asked upon breaking the engagement news to your friends and family is whether or not you have set a date. Without making certain major decisions, however, such as choosing and booking a venue, it will be impossible to accurately answer this question. Instead of setting your heart on a particular date, consider a range of dates that will work for you, so that you are not forced to try to work around a single date.

On average, most engagements last about 15 months, but it is also important to factor in seasonal preferences and to avoid major holidays and family events to prevent any scheduling conflicts.

Choose a Style and Corresponding Locations to Match
Instead of putting your wedding together, piece by piece, try to consider the big picture. Envision the style and vibe you want and how to achieve this cohesive image. What do you see for your fantasy wedding? A romantic ceremony in a mansion, or a barefoot walk down the aisle on a beach? While dreaming up your perfect wedding, asking yourself a few questions:

Will your wedding be big or small in terms of guests?
Do you want an outdoor or indoor wedding?
Do you want to get married in your hometown, or do you have your sights set on a destination wedding?
Is the style modern, classic, vintage, rustic, or outright glamorous?
At the moment, you might not know exactly what you want, and that’s okay. Get started by gathering inspiration through magazines, books, or even real wedding photographs available online. You can also look for inspiration in unlikely places, such as a wallpaper pattern, a favored color scheme, or a movie you and your fiancé love. Inspiration is all around you, so figure out what speaks directly to you.

Set a Budget
Weddings cost, so sit down with your families to discuss how much everyone is willing to contribute. This might not be the most fun conversation to have, but the size of your budget will be a paramount factor in determining your purchasing decisions. You might have the perfect wedding plan dreamed up, but without the budget to support it, you will have to go back to the drawing board.

Compile the Guest List
When putting together your guest list, you should keep several factors in mind. For example, the venue for your ceremony and reception will have a maximum capacity for guests that you cannot exceed. If you want more guests, you might have to reconsider your venue choices. If you prefer a more intimate setting with more one-on-one quality time, then a smaller venue would be ideal. You should also consider your budget since a longer guest list will incur more expenses since catering costs are usually calculated on a per-head basis. Essentially, your guest list, budget, and venue choice must all work in harmony together for this plan to work.

Remember to Register Early
If you think it’s too early to start registering for gifts, it’s not! Once things get started and engagement parties, showers, and well-wishes roll in, your friends and relatives will be glad you had the foresight to do a little early planning. Even though gifts are optional for engagement parties, your guests might want to give something to you simply to commemorate the moment, so while you might not want to register for everything at once, getting a few items on a registration list is smart.

Insure the Ring
Regardless of how careful you are, accidents can always happen, so insuring your engagement ring can give you and your fiancé a little peace of mind that, if anything were to happen to it, you will have some form of protection. There are generally two options to go about this:

An extension of your renter’s or homeowner’s policy, which would then reimburse you for a particular amount of cash if you were to lose the ring.
Insurance purchased through a company that specializes in jewelry insurance, which could possibly provide more substantial coverage by replacing the lost or stolen ring.

Select Your Wedding Party
You said yes to your marriage proposal, so now it’s time for the tables to turn and propose to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The sooner you pop the question to them, the earlier they can begin assisting you with wedding plans. Keep in mind that your wedding party will have to spend not only their time, but also their money, so try to be considerate when making plans and show them a good time as a sign of your appreciation for them.

Do You Need a Consultant?
If you and your future spouse are incredibly busy, have demanding jobs, and big plans for your wedding, then you might want to consider hiring a full-time wedding planner to assist you in preparing for the whole event, including the engagement party and honeymoon. If you don’t think it is necessary for you to hire a full-time consultant, a part-time planner might still be an option. He or she would help manage the budget, scheduling, and have a list of good vendor and site choices for you.

Book the Venue
Booking your venue is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding since it will basically set the tone for your entire wedding, influencing the budget, guest list, and even the menu. Make sure you are getting the look, price, and extras you want by shopping around. Once you sign your venue contract, you will officially have a wedding date!

Prioritize Your Vendors
Keep in mind that many top wedding photographers, bands, and catering companies are so in-demand that they are booked years in advance. If you know what your highest wedding priorities are, snap up the vendors you want most before they are taken.

Dress Shopping
Start your quest for the perfect dress by browsing online photos and familiarizing yourself with silhouettes, necklines, textiles, and trains to understand what you want (and what you absolutely loathe). Consider the season and venue in which your wedding is taking place. If you are having a summer wedding, it is likely going to be hot, so you’ll want to opt for lighter fabric choices. Keep pictures of your favorite dresses to take with you to your appointments. This will save time since the person assisting you will have a clear idea of what you want.

Get Hitched at The Creek!
Located only a few hours away from major cities like Nashville, Knoxville, and Lexington, the Creekside Barn is an ideal location to host your wedding. The space boasts elegant charm and beauty, fresh country air, plenty of room for dancing, live bands, and many more incredible amenities. If you have your heart set on a venue that offers you an escape for your urban setting without losing the modern sophistication and style you crave, visit the Creekside Barn.

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