Enjoy Country Elegance at Creekside
The charming country setting at Creekside Barn is a perfect fit for your next event. With fresh air aplenty and woodsy views accessible from every angle, your event or wedding will certainly make an impression. When you book with Creekside Barn, you get more than just an event venue. If our friendly staff and beautiful grounds aren’t enough to win you over, our additional amenities are sure to do the trick.
Our Facility
Tucked away in the hills of Gradyville, Kentucky, Creekside Barn offers a fully inspected, code-compliant facility for you and your guests to enjoy. Our barn is the center of it all, and the largest building on our grounds. The Bridal Cottage and Bachelor’s Camp are also available for your use.
What We Offer

  • Facility use from 9 AM until 11 PM on the day of your event
  • 2 extra hours the day before your event for the rehearsal and/or decorating (additional time may be booked at an added cost, depending on availability)
  • Access to the barn for decorating purposes leading up to the event day (subject to availability)
  • Use of the property for engagement and/or bridal photography
  • Equipment use, including:
    • 15 tables
    • 150 chairs
    • 3 chandeliers
    • Extension cords and ladders for equipment set-up
    • Arbor patio heaters (4 available)
  • 1 staff member on-site during your event
  • Full-service kitchen with full use of refrigerator


We do NOT include catering, but we do provide a full-service kitchen with full use of a refrigerator if you hire your own catering service company. Any caterer is welcome as long as they provide proof of license and insurance.
Creekside Barn Catering

Tent Rentals

If you need to set up tents for your event, we can offer ample area to set that up. There are several tent rental companies in the area for events.
Creekside Barn Tent Rentals

Chairs, Tables, Tablecloths

Our facility offers 15 tables and 150 chairs for your event.
Creekside Barn Tables & Chairs


We permit alcohol at our farm, but we require you hire a licensed and insured bartender for serving. There is plenty of space available for a drinks area.
Creekside Barn Wedding Venue

Event Planning

We do not provide any event planning, but you can hire a professional event planner. If you’re planning a DIY (do it yourself) event, we often offer access to the barn for decorating purposes leading up to the event day.
Creekside Barn Event Planning


If you need to capture your event on film, we give you access to the use of the property for photography purposes. While we don’t offer photography services, we can recommend local photographers, or you could bring your own.
Creekside Barn Wedding Photography Location

Our Process

Once you have an idea of how you want your event to look, we can begin to help. We can offer you a tour of the barn and the beautiful surrounding area where your event can take place.

While on the tour, you can start to get a good idea of how to best use the space for your event. Take pictures while viewing the area to take home with you and start to visualize how you would like your event to look.

After you have decided to host your event at our barn, we can present you with an electronic real estate rental contract. On the day you scheduled, we will have the property ready just as planned.

Additional Highlights

  • Single-level facility for easy accessibility for families and wheelchairs
  • Ample area for tent setup
  • Large deck attached to the barn, overlooking the property’s creek
  • Landscaped picnic area along the creek
  • Interior lofts in the barn
  • Lit parking area
  • Unique bridge and bridal promenade leading to the barn

To contact our staff at Creekside Barn or to discuss your event with us, please call us today at (270) 250-1489.

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