Oct 18, 2017


Posted By Creekside Barn

If you have been to a wedding in the last decade or so, you know well that weddings can come in all types now. It used to be that there was one theme and one venue: clean white and a church. People today want variety, customization, and personal feel that can never be replicated.

While plenty of options is exciting, it can also be a burden for the people who have to actually choose a venue and style. Even when the bride and groom work together to make a choice, it can be difficult and frustrating. People planning weddings that are not their own are even more hard-pressed to make the perfect choice. But where to begin when the options are pretty much limitless?

Here are five quick tips to help you narrow down your style and venue choices for your wedding in the works:

  1. Real-world inspiration: The beginning is always the most challenging part of choosing a wedding venue and style. To help get you pointed in the right direction, consider using inspiration from the real world, like a particular look of a movie beloved by the bride and groom, the art style of a famous painter, or personal backgrounds of the couple to marry. For example, people who grew up in a rustic area may prefer a wedding venue and style that feels quaint and almost-outdoorsy.
  2. Remove odds and ends: When you have chosen your venue’s overall style, it is time to start looking for what will not fit and getting rid of it. A crystal chandelier would look strange in a barnyard wedding, and a bale of hay would certainly be out of place in the middle of a fine ballroom. The things that stand out like a sore thumb should be trimmed and replaced without hesitation in order to create a coherent theme.
  3. Theme elements: The style and venue of your wedding is not meant to be exactly “nail-on-the-head” accurate. Instead, it is supposed to be the prevalent element of the wedding. Consider a wedding with a “Western” or “rural” theme. Do not have a cowboy going around playing with a lasso as entertainment. This would be tacky and distracting. But to keep that idea alive, integrate lasso rope into some elements of the wedding, such as used as trim or ribboning around columns and posts.
  4. Focus and commit: Once you have a good feeling in your gut that you found the right theme and venue for your wedding, you should not turn back. Stay true to your instinct and decide with confidence that you are going to love the way your wedding looks. Otherwise, you will constantly be coming back to the drawing board for “what ifs” and your wedding is going to be a month out with nothing done.
  5. Authenticity is irreplaceable: Lastly, you need your theme, venue, and style to be true to itself. If you are not comfortable with the theme, then you have to familiarize yourself with it well in advance. Take some time to research what you do not know so it feels authentic and genuine in the end. Without this dedication, guests are going to be able to tell that something is off.
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